Salesforce pioneering, keeping us learning

Salesforce has always been a visionary company. From the very first day it has been the first technology company to follow new technological trends. That is, if they did not set the trend themselves. With every new published Gartner diagram, Salesforce moves further to the top right. Below is just one of the areas in which Salesforce keeps leading the pack, leaving more reactionary companies like Microsoft and SAP, far behind them. It's not even surprising anymore.



While pioneering, Salesforce always seems to know exactly which new trend will add value for their customers, they don't just jump on every band wagon. The introduction of game changers APEX and VisualForce in 2008 seems like yesterday, but now in 2014, the platform has moved far beyond.

Just look at all the new features introduced on the latest Dreamforce! Wave bringing analytics into a new realm, Lightning revolutionizing mobile development. All of this when I was still perfecting my first Canvas "Hello World" application.

This is just the most recent wave of innovations. We don't need to travel far back in time to remember the introduction of Communities, Chatter, Streaming API, Identity, Salesforce1, Mobile SDK and all those numerous enhancements to Sales- and Service clouds.

As consultants and developers we have no choice: Keep learning or become obsolete. Since the platform has become so vast in its capabilities, a form of specialization makes a lot of sense. At
CRMWaypoint, we have acknowledged this and introduced several specialized practises, allowing our consultants to specialize (and keep specialized) in for example Sales Cloud, Service cloud, development or Architecture.

This approach allows us to retain our position as thé leading Salesforce expertise center of the Benelux. Using tools like Chatter to share this knowledge with colleagues, the approach garantuees we can keep determining the optimal solution for the business case at hand.

It's really true that often offers more than one solution for every challenge. The optimal solution can only be determined by combining knowledge from each of these areas of expertise. At
CRMWaypoint, that's exactly what we do.

Time to stop writing, I have a custom Lightning component to finish!


Harm Korten - Principal technical Consultant at CRMWaypoint

gepubliceerd op: 04 . 11 . 2014
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